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About Us

We are small team at Celebrationhalls.com to simple the venue booking experience.  We believe that booking of banquet hall, caterers and many more things should be easy. we endeavor to build platform by giving customers more of what they want vast selection, best prices, fast and reliable service, and a trusted and convenient online booking experience and provide vendors a world-class online platform. We are committed to ensure best prices for your bookings done on Celebrationhalls.com, convenient payment options such as pay at venue and enjoy a completely hassle free online booking experience.


We must create and maintain an atmosphere of fun while at work, making work a happy place we can all look forward to. We must give fellow colleagues the opportunity and freedom to think and act in ways that will allow them to get the job done, and yet be consistent with the processes laid down. We respect everyone inside and outside celebrationhalls.com.

Our approach

We must strive for excellence in whatever we do. Focus on continuous improvement in interactions with people, efficiency of processes, and the wellbeing of the organization. We must ensure consistency between our words and actions, always delivering what we commit. We can thereby maintain transparency, trust and accountability.


Be a part of our story

We're always looking for simple people to join us on our organization. If you want to be a part of our story, Explore open position.

Our Team

Manish Sande


Pritesh Kharate


Nikita Thantharate


Pragya Khursange


Behind the Scenes